The what, why, how & who of localization

Localization (sometimes shortened to L10n) refers to the adaptation of content to meet the language, cultural and other requirements of a specific target market (or locale). The process involves adapting products, manuals, documents, brochures, software, applications, and websites for the local audience.

Consistent brand messaging in different regions is essential if firms wants to successfully launch a product or service or connect effectively with employees. Marketing and cultural miscalculations can have serious repercussions, as they often lead to reputational damage and lost revenue. Regaining the trust of local consumers and employees can prove to be tricky.

Download our guide to localization if you are new to localization, to get a good grasp of general localization practices that will help your organization to communicate effectively with global employees and customers.

Upon reading this paper you will understand:

  • What localization is
  • Why to localize
  • How to localize
  • Some of the pitfalls of localization
  • Basic localization processes
  • The benefits of Translation Memory (TM)
  • How to choose a localization partner